Our Services

Let’s Party Event Management has expertise in offering various type of event management services, since its inception with unmatched professionalism. We have always tried for excellence in its all varied types of event management services. Our list of services is mentioned below:-

Corporate Events

1. Brand Promotions :

our focus revolves around delivering the most effective, customized and target- oriented branding solutions to our clients. This is what justifies us being one of the best Event Management companies in the country and we take pride in being recognized by our clients as an agency that acts on behalf of the brand that it works for.

Our Clientele consists of leading corporate houses, FMCG, media outfits, lifestyle brands, real estate groups, government agencies and hospitality companies. Be it Road shows, Guerrilla Marketing strategies, dealer interaction or anything that is about brand promotion, we as a company has proved our metal.

2. Corporate Meets :

we understand that every corporate event is conduct with an aim to make a big impact, add value to the corporate brand and need the results that you are looking for. You can expect a well planned and executed event that would leave a lasting impression. We also look into the minute details of a corporate event, be it branding, database analysis, PR, Pre event brand promotion, Celebrity Management, Brand associations and enough of market study to make sure that every brand associating with us gets the maximum ROI.as an event management agency looks into various verticals of Corporate events.

3. Road Show :

We understand that there is no better way for a brand to meet its consumer than face to face at a well-targeted event. With years of experience in brand promotion and BTL activity we have understood that almost 90% of people prefer to sample a product before they buy it. We have years of experience of creating, planning and executing Road shows and one off events that will create awareness and a give your consumers a brand experience.

4. Launch :

The young team takes every product launch events for our clients as a challenge. Mixing innovation with strategized approach for the launch activities, ensuring that our client receives the desired publicity and buzz they are looking for. Our attention to detail and constant pursuit of perfection means that your product launch will be immaculate.

5. Wedding :

A wedding that will be the topic of conversation for months together. We have managed spectacular marriage ceremonies for clients in India as well as those settled abroad. Parinaya will take care of all your needs, so that you can rid yourself of anxious moments as well as fretting over details. We will give you a glorious wedding, a wedding day you will cherish for all time.

6. Destination Venue :

We select the best way to an ideal destination and Venue that meet all of the requirements of your event Including availability on key dates, group transportation ,Options accommodation needs, meeting space requirements, dream location, audio visual options, and accessibility to area attractions and pricing to fit the meeting budget?

“We are much more able to select the venue of your event when u told us your all requirements and dreams about your event…” Site selection is often the most challenging part of the meeting planning process. But no worry “Lets Party Event management” is there to accept this challenge.

Because every experienced planner knows that choosing the right venue and location is a decision that plays a critical role in the success of an event. A small oversight in the site selection process could cause major hiccups in event planning and execution. We select an ideal destination and venue that Meet all of the requirements of your event .

7. Audio Visual :

Audio visual is one of the most beautiful part of the any event like a breath of body… Because without music the event can’t b done .Audio Visual makes the event more joyful that the person ever dreamed it. “We provide this joy to all persons who involved in this event including us.

We make this moments precious by including this audio visual into the event… In Audio visuals we provide best DJ’s , Dancers, anchors, promoters, also Celebrities that you demanded as per your budget and as per your theme…

8. Event Backdrop/decoration :

Event decoration makes the moment of events fresh and glossy. Decoration pushes the guests into the dream world from the reality… Through the decoration we can catch emotions of the person and happiness related to event and makes them RELAX. “Our vision is that convert their dream world into reality…”

We give you the world that you ever dreamed about your special life events. We provide you the glamorous decoration and event theme that is beyond your expectations.. In short your DREAM.. required as per your theme and your budget. We merge the your theme and our thought on corporate theme, birthday, wedding , promotions, launches, exhibitions, road shows, and all kinds of parties.

9. Product Launch :

Product launch is nothing but the simple stepwise execution of the program that u have planned. If one step get missed then there is risk of collapse all the program that you designed. So we perform the role of catcher and we make the strong steps to make your product launch into the market.

We provide the best public areas for promotion of your product like as society, malls, big hotels, corporate sectors. We provide also the promoters like as celebrities, brand ambassadors as per your theme your requirements and your budget.

10. Trade Fair :

Exhibitions & Trade fairs are organized to display the existing and upcoming brands / products. We have a full fledged team to organize and execute complete trade fair & exhibitions. We also provide stall management services across the country.

We arrange the fashion shows to advertise that product that you want to launch into the market, seminars, workshops.